Curse of Chucky : This is better than the original

This is better than the original

It's the best movie in the series. Period.
The worst are 1,2 and 3.
Yes, I think Bride and Seed are better than original to. At least they don't pretend to be scary, like the first one does, and it fails misserably.

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Haha, k.

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Yes, definitely most agreed. Though 1-3 are really good too. I appreciate how the original was dark and then this movie went back to its roots and made it even scarier. I respect your opinion, but personally, I didn't like Seed of Chucky. The movies just got sillier as they went on throughout the first 5 movies, as well as have gotten worse.

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You guys must be young kids or something. Original was best. Just watched them all. This was a little better the seed but not by much.

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The first one was kinda boring and has aged the worst. Though Chucky looked scary in the final 30 minutes of the film and John's death was pretty gruesome to watch and kinda tragic since he was the nicest character in the film. The finale was pretty awesome, though; Chucky set on fire, shot numerous times, and then comes back to life, one more time; only to be shot in the heart.

The second one was basically an improved version of the first film. It expanded more on Andy and had a nice mix of horror and drama, with a side of a little bit of comedy. It really shows the ruff side of being in foster care and how mean and careless, foster parents and school teachers can be. Lacks the dark late 80s Chicago atmosphere of the original, though. Also sucks that Andy's mother was sent to an asylum.

The third one was just weird and felt more like Full Metal Jacket 2, than Child's Play 3. Don't know why it had to take place 8 years after the second one, probably to avoid a rehash of the second film. Like Andy would've went to another foster home where Chucky goes after another kid, like he does in the actual 3rd film.

The fourth one was pretty good; I like how they made it "self aware". The only thing that disappointed me was no mention of Andy. They should've had a scene (or at the very least) a deleted scene where Chucky tells Tiffany about Andy, explaining his 10 year absence.

The fifth one was the worst in the series and almost killed off the series for good. It's okay as a standalone film, but as a Chucky film, it fails on so many levels. For one, it feels way too different than the previous four films and almost like "New Nightmare", where it's set in the real world, instead of being set in the same universe from the previous four films. Plus, Glen was an even more wasteful character than Tyler from the 3rd one. Although I liked the climax where Glen chops up Chucky, though.

The sixth one was a nice comeback and felt (almost) like the real "Child's Play 4". I also like how they used reboot elements for the sequel. (since we were originally gonna get a remake, instead of a 6th film, due to the last film being a failure) I did find Charles Lee Ray's backstory kinda weird and slightly disconnected from the beginning of the first film, though. Loved the Tiffany and Andy cameos at the end, though. Really don't get why this one is hated; though it does have its own problems, to be fair.

As for the seventh film, I'm actually more excited about this one than I was with the 6th film. I can't wait to see what Andy's life has been like since the 3rd film and I hope he has a son or daughter and maybe (but doubtful) a girlfriend or wife. Him being a single parent, raising a kid would be a nice parallel to the first film.

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The best one is part 2 for me. Then part 1. Part 3 tends to be towards the bottom. I think I enjoyed Bride and Seed more than Part 3.

So many stories, so little time.

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It definitely has more rewatch value.

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Could the bar be set any lower for any movie?

"The Dig"