Film General : Possible big strike in Hollywood

Possible big strike in Hollywood

By the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees union. That includes cinematographers, make-up and hair, art directors, costume designers, special effects, editors, and others. It would shut down most film and television production but not premium cable like HBO and Showtime. Their complaints:
Excessively unsafe and harmful working hours.

Unlivable wages for the lowest paid crafts.

Consistent failure to provide reasonable rest during meal breaks, between workdays, and on weekends.

Workers on certain “new media” streaming projects get paid less, even on productions with budgets that rival or exceed those of traditionally released blockbusters.
The vote is on October 1st. So there could be even more delays on top of those we have seen because of COVID.

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Maybe this can make way for a new Hollywood

Re: Possible big strike in Hollywood

To help them out I will from now on swear off making and selling my pirated copies of The Room.
That should give them back at least a nickel.

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oh boo-hoo, if they don't like it the entitled little fucks should get real jobs for a change.

I hear McDonalds is hiring.

The Lion does not give a fuck. Bring. More. Sheep.