The Soapbox : Adlerian strategy:

Adlerian strategy:

Make bullshit claim
Get challenged for proof
Repeat bullshit claim

We have to ignore the far left by disproving their lies by our actions - Tim Scott

Re: Adlerian strategy:

cuck_venom strategy:

1. say dumb shit online
2. get butthurt
3. hire $20 craigslist prostitute with low client standards to rub his fat baldy head

Repeat retardation

Re: Adlerian strategy:

I will stomp your head in with my big strong viking feet and then you will suck my baseball bat sized schlong.

Re: Adlerian strategy:

You’re going to look awfully foolish when it’s revealed that Adlerian is just trolling you and you didn’t even know it!

Mephistopheles is just beneath and he's reaching up to grab me.