Barbara Eden : Can Barbara ever be seen anywhere?

Can Barbara ever be seen anywhere?

I am in my 50's now and just about every one I have ever wanted to see in person (celebrity wise) has passed away.. I Barbara OF COURSE in IDOJ!! I would like to see her before she gets too old to see Does she make public appearances??

Would at least like to see one BEFORE I die, lol and she seems like a very nice

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I couldnt care less.
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arbara ever be seen anywhere?

On her website they have a list of appearances she will be making throughout the year. You can keep checking back and seeing if she will be at any conventions or anything like that.

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Once walking around south beach in Miami Beach, I saw her having dinner on an outdoor cafe, this is about maybe 15 years ago on Lincoln road, she looked beautiful for a woman her age and of course very classy.