The Soapbox : Beautiful selfie

Beautiful selfie

To cheer me up about myself

Jesus Christ is Lord ✝️

Re: Beautiful selfie

You're not a whale, babie. Idc what anybody says.

Re: Beautiful selfie

I like it.
Very nice.

I admit that I made up bullshit about you WarrenPeace and I am sorry. - Friendo in a PM to me.

Re: Beautiful selfie

You look fluffy and comfy enough to snuggle with. 🤗

💜🙏👰 Wedding in 4 days!🐲㊙️🍜

Re: Beautiful selfie

So to cheer yourself up, you decided to post it here? Good idea!

I live. I die. I live again.

Re: Beautiful selfie

You need to get involved with helping others. It will get your mind off your own problems for a while. Work in a soup kitchen or something.

Not that it will be any less painful for you but I am curious. Was suicide the plan or did you just piss me off on accident?