Bloodsport : Stats at the end don't add up to laughable extent

Stats at the end don't add up to laughable extent

I am just watching this now and the stats make no sense to the extent the film makers must have thought hang on here…

It says

"From 1975 to 1980 Frank W. Dux fought 329 matches. He retired undefeated as the world heavyweight full contact Kumite champion".

Fastest punch with a knockout 0.12 seconds.
Then fastest kick with a knockout 72mph.
Most consecutive knockouts in a single tournament; 56

Now I know everyone goes on about the fastest kick speed and punch speed metrics being measured differently.


1. It's established in the film the tournament is held every 5 years. So from the above, he was only in 2 Kumite's ??

2. In two Kumites he fought 329 matches - wow.

3. It says, "heavyweight" but it's not done by weight. Hence that laughably small framed guy Jackson is against in his first fight that always cracks a smile when it's shown.

4. How did they measure kick speeds inside the tournament in 1975 or 1980? This wasn't even available for the NFL at this time.

5. 56 knockouts in a single tournament (suggesting he may have also won some matches by throwing them off the runway or them saying "uncle") means over 10,000 people must have entered the Kumite given each fighter doesn't fight each other like a football league. Do the math on it.

6. Fastest knockout 3.2 seconds, but fastest punch resulting in knockout 0.12 seconds. So which one is right?

7. A 0.12 punch knockout timing Frank must have moved faster than the Flash after the guy screamed Ajimmy to start that fight for a 0.12 second knockout timing.

8. If he only fought in two Kumite's then his records are not that impressive compared to Chong Li's who the implication was from everyone he has won much more than just two Kumites and all undefeated. He must have therefore won a lot more fights than Franks 329. His stats must be astronomical

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