Science : Everybody knows Eric Cartman hates rainbows but

Everybody knows Eric Cartman hates rainbows but

Is Pollution Shrinking Penises And Depleting Sperm Counts?

[… A bunch of stuff about sperm counts elided …]

Relax, your penis isn't shrinking
Claims of shrinking penises are obvious clickbait. But only a single study, of 383 young men from the Veneto region in northeastern Italy, links men's penis size to the types of chemicals Swan attributes to declining sperm counts.

Within Veneto there are geographic zones with varied levels of PFAS contamination. A group of 212 men who live in areas with high or intermediate PFAS exposure and have high levels of these chemicals in their bodies, had an average penis length of 8.6 cm (3.38 in), about 10 percent lower than the average of a group of 171 men from an area without exposure (9.7 cm or 3.8 in).

For the record, mine was made back when they used to be big, huge, gigantic.

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