Classic Film : The Music Room

The Music Room


I never understood why my mother (not even 1% Indian) loved this movie so I finally watched it. It was bad but furthermore I don't know if I can trust the ratings on IMDB of Indian movies. You have over a billion of Indians who are going to rate it highly.

The movie was awful.

Re: The Music Room

Good point about the ratings manipulation.

It's too bad, because this was just on TCM last night, along with other movies I had automatically recorded. I was looking forward to this, considering Ray directs this and the 92% rating, which doesn't hurt.

I haven't seen too many Indian movies. But there is one of this man who sees a picture and seeks out the woman. Do you know which movie I'm talking about?

Re: The Music Room

Sorry, I don't. Maybe it was a movie from some other country.