Zack Snyder's Justice League : THIS WAS SO GOOD! (spoiler-free)

THIS WAS SO GOOD! (spoiler-free)

This is not just a cut but a different movie entirely.

Cyborg gets a prominent storyline which makes one wonder how this was cut.

Two car accidents here which were done so effectively it again makes you wonder why this was cut.

The Wonder Woman terrorist scene was extended and more violent. She kills people. It doesn't cut or edit away at a kill. Wonder Woman had to go through several men before reaching the bomb rather than just 2 in the Whedon version.

Steppenwolf was given depth and a motive. Steppenwolf is being abused himself here which has been taken out of the 2017 version, where he was one-dimensional and Darksied has been removed entirely.

The same scenes appear in different orders chronologically. Some scenes that appeared in the beginning of 2017 may appear in the middle here, such as Bruce shaving: A lot of good footage was cut in JOSStace Leage and replaced with 5-minute exposition such as Bruce and Alfred talking in the Batcave when he shaves. He actually shaves later on.

In Whedon version, one of the reshoots has Bruce and Diana have that walk on the lake where Diana gives hokey exposition to rush the plot. This has been removed and the scenes are shown to you instead. Very little exposition here: other than the history of the Mother Boxes/Darkseid.

The Scandinavians perform a cryptic hymn when Aquaman exits, as they worship him like a god, which has vibes of Hereditary.

All of the forced Whedon jokes are taken out. There is still comic relief here mainly coming from Flash, but it works in context here. No corny forced humour such as the weird obsession with brunch & Aquaman riding on the Batmobile making a "nice ride, bro" comment.

When Whedon did reshoots, he combined Snyder's shots with his. The differences are subtle but they make all the difference:

In 2017 Evil-Superman throws Batman when he sees Lois. In this, Batman's already down.

In 2017 version, Lois tells Clark "you smell good" (with ADR) to which he replies "Did I not before?" Cue comic relief.

In this Lois tells Clark "You spoke" to which he says "Did I not before?" Serious.

So many scenes are extended and done much better.

Here's a 2017 example. Aquaman saves someone during a storm, drinks whiskey, leaves. Cue cool pop song as Aquaman smoothly walks down the pier with his bottle:

Snyder has extended bar banter and a different song choice. Snyder's choice of music makes the scene more impactful

After watching this, skim through the 2017 version and rewatch the "same" scenes and you will see how bad that cut is…and the things they took out to get the PG-13 rating and make the scene quicker, it's a travesty. If you only watch one, watch the WW terrorist scene; Whedon just pissed all over it.

Zack Snyder knows how to get the best emotion from a scene with his score and slow-mo and technique. Whedon was like, how to move the plot along fast as possible, no technique whatsoever.

Monster, how should I feel? Creatures lie here, looking through the window.

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