Christmas on the Square : Wonderful film

Wonderful film

I just finished watching Christmas on the Square on Netflix. Directed by Debbie Allen, this family musical stars Dolly Parton as an angel who has to help a rich woman (Christine Baranski) who is planning to see her small town and evict the residents. Dolly is a delight and is perfectly cast as the cheerful, singing angel. Christine Baranski is very good as the scrooge-like character who needs a change of heart. I also enjoyed the supporting cast, especially Jenifer Lewis, Josh Segarra, and Selah Kimbro Jones. There is lots of wonderful singing and dancing, which adds to the festive spirit and helps to tell the story. Christmas on the Square is highly entertaining, sweet, and moving. There is a plot twist, which I totally saw coming, but still got chocked up when it happened. Christmas on the Square is a wonderful film and a lovely holiday treat this Christmas season. My rating is an 8/10.

Re: Wonderful film

Oh wow. I didn't know that Debbie Allen is a film director.