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John Cassavetes' Movies

I've seen them all, and despite not being able to stand "The Killing of a Chinese Bookie", it still says something - it makes you feel, think, even if some of it is confusion or bewilderment. Its why he got into trouble with critics. His movies get under your skin. They assault and batter you. His hell isn’t reserved for other people. Cassavetes puts us on screen and forces us to come to grips with what we are. It is too easy to put the blame on someone else. Husbands and A Woman Under the Influence won’t let us locate the stupidity or cruelty somewhere else. They have neither heroes nor villains, but only in-between characters, because that's what we are.

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So far, I have only seen The Killing of a Chinese Bookie and Shadows. I really liked The Killing of a Chinese Bookie and rated it an 8/10. I was a little underwhelmed by Shadows and rated it a 6/10. I recently bought Husbands on Criterion blu-ray, but haven't watched it yet. I plan to eventually see more of his films.

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A lot of his movies are on YouTube… My favorites are on there - A Woman Under the Influence, Minnie and Moskowitz. I saw that 15 years ago, and during the first hour or so, I was angry inside. It's because it was something new. Nothing pre-packaged, not programmed, which comes as a shock when you've spent years watching movies that are so similar. Sometimes you can't verbalize what you feel, which is ok, too. Maybe that's part of the truth. Some just want a solution for every scenario in movie. Life isn't logical, why does every movie have to be? Don't be get wrong, I'm not a fan of these "puzzle" movies where the purpose is to distort and confuse.

"Love Streams" is another good one. "Opening Night" is also on YouTube.

Like Altman (who was his next-door neighbor), I think their movies are better on subsequent viewings.

"Shadows" doesn't have any "action", even with the strong moments, when the young man realizes the woman he just had sex with is black. No scary music, no fight between the brother (and his friend, his promoter/agent), just uneasy feelings.