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So yahoo! just posted an article saying that Jason was only 5 feet tall. So, because I didn't believe that, I checked imdb where it says he is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Anyone ever met him? Any idea how tall he actually is?

I love you all. I really do. Truly.

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I came here for the same reason. Hard to believe either article because IMDB can be incorrect since people with pro accounts fudge heights.

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His proportions don't match up to being 5'0. I think its a type on Yahoo's part

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I agree - I think it's poor guesswork. They also put Carmen Electra at 5'0. She's short, but not that short.

Plus they also use silly comparisons with the girls - you can't use someone with 4" heels on as a comparison with someone with flats on.

They also have Kimora at 6' while she's 5'10.

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yeah, i saw that article on yahoo earlier too. it has to be some sort of typo.

i just can't see him being 5'0" tall. I googled it earlier and a lot of people say he' 2000 s closer to 5'6" or 5'7".

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Im from Vancouver Canada wheres he is from, I saw him at subway, he was in front of me, im 5'10 he's about 5'6 5'7 max he isnt 5'8

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You people must be blind.

First and foremost all actors...male anyway lie about their height.

Secondly most actors are short meaning 5'8 and below. 6'0 tall actors look like giants on screen and it shows as well as creating weird looking camera angles to fit everyone. Just look at anything Dwayne Johnson stars in.

This guy is definitely 5'0. There's a picture on Google with him standing next to a Mexican valet. I live in LA, most mexicans are short...and I mean tiny. The valet is taller than him by at least an inch.

Get over it, stop dreaming. Dude is probably as tiny as your child.

If you still don't believe me then watch the Old Navy commercial he was in and look at where he stands behind the children. They're practically the same height.

Enjoy your wake up call. The guys you drool over barely reach your chest. Now go hug your hubby and have fun in reality.

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He is 5'7. Don't think he's ever been taller than that. He has height over all of his female co-stars on 90210 except Carol Potter so I think these 5 flat claims are rubbish. If you want accurate height listings, should check out celeb heights. IMDB are almost always wrong.

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Yes he is about 5'8. I've hung out with him.

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No, he's not. he's 5'6" and change.

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Watch Season 4, Episode 21 of BH90210. Unless Dina (Lucinda) is wearing heals in her own bathroom & bedroom, it's pretty obvi that she's taller than Jason (Brandon). Maybe if he'd been more neurotic about his height than the size of his wrists (google his memoires, #whatadouche), we wouldn't be sitting up late posting about this very serious issue ;)

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He's 5'6", not 5'0 or 5'8".