Gwyneth Paltrow : I wanna know how much those of you who claim to hate Gwyneths P…

I wanna know how much those of you who claim to hate Gwyneths P…

...REALLY hate her.

If you could go back to, say, August 1972, would you throw Blythe Danner down a flight of stairs, then hurtle down those me steps four at a time just so you could kick her square in her pregnant belly?

Would you, during the Christmas sEason, 1971, chloroform Bruce Paltrow, and remove his testicles, like a liver-thief, leaving him to awaken in a tub of ice, with stitches where his scrotum once was?

Would you watch little Gwynny in her cradle, waiting for the family to go to bed, then get close to her face, close enough to smell her sweet baby breath, hearing her coo and make other baby noises, watch her sleeping pleasantly, her future already mapped out - stardom in her future, knowing she will supply a temporary home for Brad Pitt's penis, marriage to a milquetoasty, MOR "Rock" star, and babies named after fruits and veggies....then take her by her little baby feet and swing her, like a baseball bat, headfirst into the edge of her open bedroom door, flexing your wrists at the moment of impact to provide that extra "oomph", over and over, until there was nothing more than a flattened pumpkin sitting on her little baby shoulders, brains splattered like a Pollock on the wall behind the door.

Well....would ja?

Personally, I have no problem with her, but GP seems to equate to Hitler in the 16d0 minds of so many IMDb posters, I figured I'd ask what seems to be this generation's "Hitler question".