Superheroes and Villains : WB/DC has this unfair burden on them.

WB/DC has this unfair burden on them.

Whenever WB makes an exceptional DC movie, fans usually say "it's too good! It doesn't belong in a shared universe! It should be stand-alone!" They do this with Joker and they did this with Nolan's films (I refuse to call it a trilogy).

Marvel created a whole universe of films all with different directors, writers, and cinematographers. No one ever said "Joss Whedon's Iron Man should be stand-alone!" Or "The Russo Brother's Winter Soldier should be stand-alone!"

This is because, with the possible exception of Iron Man, Marvel created a whole series of average to mediocre films. Paul Rudd's stellar performance as Scott Lang (sarcasm) wasn't a front runner at the Academy Awards.

With DC/WB, they either make really great comic book movies, or really terrible ones (Jonah Hex, B&R, Catwoman, Justice League, MoS, Green Lantern). There are very few "averages" - Shazaam and Wonder Woman would fit here. But whenever WB makes one too good - fans say it doesn't belong in a shared universe. Wtf?

Isn't a good movie the point? Aren't stellar performances the point? Is Joaquin Phoenix supposed to lower the bar and phone in his performance so it can fit in a shared universe? In my view, if it was good, I want to see it continue.

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Re: WB/DC has this unfair burden on them.

Re: WB/DC has this unfair burden on them.

The superhero genre is probably the one that suffers from the lowest quality. Pretty much all the movies are dire with a few exceptions (TDK trilogy, Joker, Watchmen).

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Re: WB/DC has this unfair burden on them.

Do you honestly think Superman showing up in The Dark Knight would have helped it? What about Wonder Woman?

What about Aquaman?

They should keep these character as far away from each other as possible.