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Future Roles

I was starting to think Christopher had finally retired, especially since it appears he will not be in Tim Burton's upcoming film, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, he would have been great as the grandfather in that film, and would have been a small enough part for him to take on. Maybe he'll have a small cameo somewhere in the film.

But I see he is now listed to appear in a film called The 11th, does anyone have any info on this, it seems to have just come out of nowhere.

Also still unreleased is Angels in Notting Hill, and the Extraoridnary Tales film which he had done voice work for. Also The Girl from Nagasaki never received a wide release to my knowledge, only at some film festivals.

And he's still listed as being invloved with Christopher Hope and the Secret of Napoleon, but that has been there for a few years now, so I'm doubtful anything comes of that.

And I expect more of Mr. Lee in the Extended Edition of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, seeing as the Dol Guldur sequence was pretty rushed in the theatrical cut. That comes out in November 2015.

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I'm very surprised that he's listen for The 11th. Positively surprised, of course!

The name of his character (Lars Ole Hansen) sounds very Danish to me (I'm from Denmark). Also the cast includes several of Denmark's finest actors (Lars Mikkelsen, David Dencik, Paprika Steen, Søren Malling, Ellen Hillingsø).
Sir Christopher's wife is, of course, Danish, so this might be interesting. If IMDB is to be believed it is set to film in September and October this year in Copenhagen.

As for Christopher Hope and the Secret of Napoleon, I contacted the producers a while back and they confirmed he was involved, but didn't elaborate in what capacity.

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I actually was just googling Christopher Lee and saw that he'd been cast in a new movie which was a really happy surprise. I had also noted his lack of output lately and had taken to assume it meant he was finally retired. Great news to see him still going.

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Thanks for jinxing it.