Famke Janssen : Great actress!

Great actress!

I wish she would get more mainstream and better roles. I'd love to watch more of her work both as an actress and as a director.

Re: Great actress!

To be fair, her lack of mainstream roles is - from the look of things - partly out of choice. She gets smaller and more interesting roles in her indie work that arguably get less exposure, but must be more satisfying for her.

But.. Yeah. she's said a bunch of times over that the reason she avoids mainstream work is because of typecasting, arguably a result of her peformance in Goldeneye, as she says that she typically gets offers for lots of evil characters, monsters and the like.

Re: Great actress!

^ Yeah I agree. From watching her interviews it seems that the roles she gets are out of choice. But I do wanna see her take on more "mainstream" roles. By mainstream, I mean, roles in projects, in tv series that are mainstream. Such as Eve on How to Get Away with Murder. I hope she comes back soon there!

Re: Great actress!

I think Famke kinda chooses not to do mainstream roles. She seems to be mainly about getting a character she's really interested in or passionate about playing, which might be why she gives so many great and varied performances. Though she is on HTGAWM right now and that's pretty mainstream.

But yeah, she's a fantastic actress. I totally love her

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