Gene Hackman : One of few actors who could balance

One of few actors who could balance

When I think of that rare breed of actors who have had extremely successful careers in which they balanced both comedy and drama throughout, a select few come to mind. Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, etc (not that there's much more 'etc') Having watched The Poseidon Adventure today, and followed that by taking a good look at Mr. Hackman's career, I can't believe he never came to mind in pondering that marvelous select few. One of our true limitless actors.

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James Garner comes to mind as one of those 'balanced' types.

And he did it both on TV and motion pictures!

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Hackman starred in some great comedies and has phenomenal comedic timing, some of his best lines wouldn't even be jokes in the hands of a lesser actor but Hackman always nails it. Despite that though he just doesn't seem like a comedic actor, he just seems like a serious kinda a guy who's one of the very best dramatic actors who ever lived (in my opinion, the very best) and it's easy to overlook how good he is at comedy when you're not watching him do it.

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All the guys mentioned at the top were good at both, and their dramatic turns were brilliant inasmuch as they presented a real life type scenario. Hackman could do funny, real family drama and the over the top tough guy. People like Lemmon and Hoffman couldn't do tough. Hackman could do it all from too good to be true to so bad you despise the sight of him. He was the best. No wonder Morgan Freeman recently said how pissed he was at Gene for retiring and depriving the world of his talent!

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Tom Hanks deserves a mention. He's balanced dramatic and comedic roles to great success.

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In no order of significance:

Robert DeNiro
Tim Robbins
John Malkovich
John Lithgow (on a genius level, not to mention brilliant classical stage presence thrown in there)
Clint Eastwood (many many dark one liners; even unintentionally)
Jack Nicholson ( probably been said already)
Betty White 5b4
Steve Carrel