Gene Hackman : What Is he "Best Known For"?

What Is he "Best Known For"?

Would it be Lex Luthor in the original SUPERMAN Franchise. Or could it be a lot of roles including that one? I have NOT seen many of his films so to me he is forever Lex luthor

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That's hard, he was such a constant presence for so long that I think people just knew him, not so much for any role in particular. I'd probably say The French Connection, but I guess it is true that Superman was actually the first thing I saw him in.

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Through the 70's and 80's, it was clearly THE FRENCH CONNECTION. But I know several younger folks who know him best from THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS. Three other films he's a high visible presence in are THE POSEIDEN ADVENTURE, MISSISSIPPI BURNING and UNFORGIVEN. What am I leaving out? Oh, yeah, THE CONVERSATION and as the OP stated, the SUPERMAN franchise.

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Probably not what he's "best" remembered for, but when he was dressed in drag towards the end of "The Birdcage", it etched a (hysterically funny) memory in my collection of favorite Hackman movie moments. He is arguably my favorite actor of all time, and I've seen a movie or five thousand in my time lol...

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I'm another that thinks The French Connection.

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i think the royal tenenbaums or get shorty

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Because it was the first time I saw him - he will always be Clyde's brother Buck from "Bonnie and Clyde."

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It depends on the generation of the movie goer. Older folks will forever remember The French Connection and Superman. Others will remember Hoosiers and Mississippi Burning best, while younger folks will remember him in his high profile turns in Crimson Tide and Enemy of the State. That being said his last film is 11 years old now, meaning (and I've seen it first hand) many kids in their 20's haven't heard of him at all.

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I don't know what you guys best know him for... but according to Mr. Hackman himself, it's Popeye from The French Connection. In his own words from an interview I read somewhere (I'm quoting whatever I can remember) "In the 20 years since then, I've made so many movies, played so many different characters, but people still yell 'Popeye!' when they recognize me on the street."

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Indeed, but those people are probably over 40.