Kevin Kline : Why has Kevin Kline chosen such lousy material?

Why has Kevin Kline chosen such lousy material?

First, before you all lynch me, I love Kevin Kline, I think he is one the most multi-talented performers of the last thity-odd years. I have just - reluctantly, having read the reviews - watched "da0No Strings Attached", and, despite his age, he is quite the sexiest thing in this dreary sex romp. He is flawless, hilarious, even moving at the end.

But why on earth did he bother with this crude, unfunny, badly acted, thinly-plotted trash, which thinks that saying "penis" three times is witty? It cannot be that he is not - or has not been - offered the parts. His nickname in the industry, a pun on his matronymic of "Kevin D(elaney) Kline", is "Kevin DeKline" - one wonders what he has DeKlined, and why. More, one sometimes (well, often!) wonders why he did not DeKline a lot of stuff. Leaving aside such unmitigated disasters as "The Wild Wild West" - I tried, I really tried, but even for love of Kevin I couldn't stand more than 10 minutes of it - his "Pink Panther" was okay - but dated and derivative. Kenneth Brannagh's mangling of "As You Like It" was utterly dire and, I hate to say, Richard Briers, in the small role of Old Adam, impressed far more than Mr Kline's disappointing Jaques - despite the award.

He is, has been, and can be, utterly superb, mesmerising, funny, moving, sexy - I run out of adjectives. His Nathan in "Sophie's Choice" was joyous and heart-breaking in turn, "Dave" was pitch-perfect, his filmed stage "Hamlet" a sheer joy. I have ordered his filmed stage "Cyrano de Bergerac" which, judging from the one clip I have seen, promises more delights, and "The Conspirator" is next on my list of "must-haves". I won't even mention his (stage) Pirate King, or I shall go weak at the knees, even though it, and I, are both 30 years older! With even a partial "CV" like that, adolescent tripe like "No Strings Attached" shouldn't have got past his door!

Mr Kline is quoted as saying he did not want to make "silly" films, but he's made an awful lot! It says much for his towering talent that we still clamour to see him, that I have a "Wish List" on Amazon just called "Kline", containing the DVDs I haven't managed to get hold of yet.

It was either John Cleese or Michael Palin ("Wanda" and "Fierce Creatures") who said Kevin Kline was the only actor who played Hamlet to learn decisiveness. Maybe that's the problem; maybe he's better at tackling his material than choosing it. Maybe he's badly advised. Maybe, in the words of another famous and hugely talented American, someone needs to say to him, about some roles and some scripts - "You cannot be serious!"

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Yeah good actor, who hasn't had a good role in ages. His part in the pretty dire 'No Strings Attached' was basically a replay of his character in the superior 'Definitely, Maybe' - the older, intellectual, sleazy guy. I watched him in 'Dave' last night and he gave a really nice performance in an old-fashioned, enjoyable Hollywood film. Shame he hasn't had more of them in his time.

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Yep, totally agree. Haven't seen "Definitely, Maybe" I'll look it out. The trailer of "Darling Companion" looks good, and I haven't yet seen his character role in The Conspirator. I know he never wanted - although could have had - the "matinee idol" slot - but he really didn't have to go so down-market as he has. What a waste!

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I just watched him in his under appreciated performance in the much underappreciated "In & Out." The movie was a critical and box office hit, but that may be the last hit he headlined (if I am not mistaken). I would be rushing to see him in more comedies like that, and I don't know why this has not happened.

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I'm normally a huge fan of his work but I agree his role was really dreadful in No Strings Attached.

I recently wrote a review of No Strings Attached. If you're interested you can read more here:">

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I've been thinking the exact same thing. At the very least, he's one of the better actors out there; but alas, he seems to have become like Val Kilmer. He is squandering his talents and legacy in these forgettable crap films which don't highlight or showcase his talent.

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It is also possible that Kevin can't find any descent material or at least the kind that that will let his talent show. How about the proper creator/director?

I was watching Fish called Wanda the other day (for 100th time :) ) only this time with the commentary by John Cleese.

You cannot believe how much improvising Kevin was doing, Cleese was saying that he was writing the scenes but never knew how Kevin would actually act; appar5b4ently not even Kevin did - he just ACTED.

Sometimes, Cleese having seen his talent, would call him to re-write scenes and dialogues with him. How many writers/directors/creators would do that?

I mean, don't get me wrong, Wanda is excellent material, it's not all Kevin, but apparently, he put more than acting to it.

I think he needs specific environment in order to show his capabilities.

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