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stephen king is the king

I thought it was an awesome idea to star in most of his films everything that ever came out that said Stephen king I watched it but never had the opportunity to read his terrific books he's very gifted I loved the creepshow 1where Hes the character in that he finds a meteor and then touches it then green grassy stuff starts growing on him he's a gifted writer I will read or watch anything he puts out there kinda remiss me of John Hughes writing breakfast club 2 differences is Stephen king does horror and John Hughes does comedy/ drama mostly about high school kids where does Stephen king come up with his ideas I thought he was from the country or something cause some.things before all the frightening stuff happens reminds me of home I live in wv how weird it's almost like he's been here the whole time anyways your an awesome writer and actor love you Stephen king

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"Your an awesome writer"

Uh huh. And you haven't exactly read Shakespeare, have you?

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ERRRR MEHHHH GAWD!!!!! My brain is SCREAMING at the non-use of grammar and punctuation!!!!!!!!! It reads like you are saying it in one breath, and it HURTS!!!!!!!!

Do you/can you read?

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