Ethan Hawke : his best roll?

Re: his best roll?

Gattaca! What a movie!

Re: his best roll?

his forward one.

Re: his best roll?

Uma Thurman was probably his best roll.

Ooooh, you mean 'role'!

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Re: his best roll?

Great Expectations and then probably Training Day.


Re: his best roll?

It's "ROLE", as in a dramatic acting role. A "roll" (noun) is a yummy pastry that you eat. What the hell do they teach in English classes these days?

Getting back to the main question: it's a tie between Training Day and Gattaca.

Re: his best roll?

Can't pick one. My 3 memorable Ethan Hawke roll (roll or role?) are:

Jesse in Before Sunset
Jake Hoyt in Training Day
The Barkeep in Predestination

The last one IMO is an underrated and less known movie.