Beverly Hills Cop : anyone else rather see a part 4?

anyone else rather see a part 4?

it may be to late for that. maybe and 3 wasent a big hit like one and two. but i thought 3 was funny. still between a tv show and a part 4 id rather see part 4 anyone agree? but how likely is a 4 now?good question

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Re: anyone else rather see a part 4?

I fully agree with you.
I would much rather see a part 4 that I had been waiting on for many years.
Instead because Eddie Murphy and Brett Rattner both couldn't agree on a script it looks like Eddie just basicly gave up on the project.
Also Brett Rattner was really wanting the project to get made but obviously Eddie Murphy wasn't so keen on the idea.
To be honest I would have loved to have seen Part 4 directed by Tony Scott but of course that never happend which is a missed chance and it is sad he is no longer with us.
Plus years ago Tony was interested in doing the project.

Re: anyone else rather see a part 4?

Yeah i enjoyed the 3rd. Eddie murphy is a weirdo, doing this crap. Id rather see 4 has a big movie. With all the gang back

Re: anyone else rather see a part 4?

I am hopeful though that if this TV show is a hit then maybe it would be obvious to make a fourth movie.
However I know that this is very unlikey.
But then again it might not be too good anyway.
From my point of view is if TV can make a good TV show then why can't they make a good movie?

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Re: anyone else rather see a part 4?

BHC should NEVER have been reduced to TV! Suppose Eddie's thinking of the green!

Re: anyone else rather see a part 4?

Oh yes! but it could turn out well, should give it a chance but i think it will get cancelled and get up like the terminator and blades tv shows.

Re: anyone else rather see a part 4?

I want to see this show run for about 5 or 6 years, if they can keep it fresh. After it's run it's course, make a "Beverly Hills Cops" movie with both Eddie and Brandon in it.

It's unlikely that they'll cancel the show and make the movie if ratings remain high and unlikely they'll make a movie if the ratings are too low. However, CBS has their own film production and distribution company so that would be a good place for it.

I think it's a good idea at least.