The Feminine Touch : JEALOUS


Does anyone know the name of the night club entertainer who sings ths song "Jealous" please?

George F.

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Yes. Jealous was written (lyrics and music) by Little Jack Little. His band is playing on the lounge stage for JULIE GIBSON. Mr. Jack Little wrote the music to coincide with Ms. Rosalind Russell's affect, depicted in the scene. You can see JULIE GIBSON sing on Type in Julie Gibson or Julie Gibson sings. ... My question is: why didn't big band leaders pick her up ? Although she's about 26 years old in '41, her voice and attitude are incredible.


I agree. She's very good and and definitely a pretty gal. The arrangement is played with a little bit of a 30's Paris Gypsy jazz feel which makes. My Dad played trumpet in The Tommy Dorsey Band through most of the 40's and my Mom also sang in New York professionally. This singer seems to have the 'right stuff' to be successful for that period of time . . .