Scarlet Street : Edward G Robinson in an apron

Edward G Robinson in an apron

When I saw that picture on the DVD box, I thought it would be funny, but in the context of the movie, it's just sad.

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There are some awesome "brushstrokes" in this movie, so to speak. And, Chris Cross in the apron cleaning dishes is one of them. He is the emasculated man in a loveless marriage. It is easy to understand how he so easily falls for Kitty and we can empathize with him.

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Reminds me of Jim Baccus in the apron in "Rebel without a Cause."

Did I not love him, Cooch? MY OWN FLESH I DIDN'T LOVE BETTER!!! But he had to say 'Nooooooooo'

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I think a great thing about that image, like a lot of the other images of Chris in first hour or so of the movie (e.g. the portrait of his wife's ex-husband towering over him, him clutching the knife and glaring at his wife, Kitty snickering in disbelief at how naive he is when they eat together early on), is that it's both funny and sad. It really shouldn't be funny, but I can't help laughing at him.

But being laughed at and (correctly) thought a fool is what ultimately drives him over the edge, which does tend to make our laughing at him a little more problematic.