Scarlet Street : Watch Scarlet Street, then Fassbinder's 'Lola'

Watch Scarlet Street, then Fassbinder's 'Lola'

First of all, 'Scarlet Street' is an amazing film. Anyone who enjoys film-noir, (or compelling film for that matter), will enjoy this movie.

One particular thing I noticed was the beautiful mirrored shots that fellow German director, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, would re-create in his film 'Lola'(1981). Much of 'Scarlet Street' was re-created from Lang's past effort 'The Woman in the Window'(1944). We see this in the cast, set, and props. Besides the obvious, Fassbinder uses similar themes as Lang; sexuality as a form of domination, idealized ideas of art, etc.

(Personally I think 'Scarlet Street' is a million times better than it's predecessor, but both are interesting to look at.)

Please, enjoy these movies!