That Way with Women : I Couldn't Help Myself!

I Couldn't Help Myself!

I found this movie to be overall delightful and enjoyable, although sections of it were somewhat annoying; because I always enjoy Sydney Greenstreet and Alan Hale, I gave this movie a rating of "7." After all, I was entertained and that was the point of this movie!

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Re: I Couldn't Help Myself!

I agree. Many if these older films are just a certain kind of 'fluff' but how far wrong can you go with Sydney Greenstreet? These films are simply entertaining and that's enough . . .

By the way, I really like your sign-off statement about defending our rights. Thanks for that . . .

Re: I Couldn't Help Myself!

Me too. Did you notice that Martha seemed to have a different amazing outfit on with every scene! She did break into the business as a model and really looks great in the flick.