Twilight of Honor : How times have changed

How times have changed

A lawyer gets a guy off by smearing the murder victim and he's portrayed as the HERO?!?!?

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I know this thread is old but this movie was on this morning and I have to say at times there are extenuating circumstances and this particular case the law is on his side. The murder victim was practically screwing the man's wife right in front of him in PUBLIC! This was a crime of passion and people do get acquitted for that reason.Lucky for him the state of New Mexico had a law that stated in cases of adultery a person could be found not guilty for killing a person.

I think the lawyer came out a hero because it was obvious the prosecutor let the lying,adulterous wife off scott free. She not only set everything in motion with her behavior-she only turned her husband in after she read about it being a reward in the case! The State didn't charge her with anything, just to convict the husband. The State has already suppressed the well known fact among some that the the murder victim was a an adulterous lech chasing all the young tail he could get because he was becoming impotent. Yes the husband did it but the jury should always know the motive. The prosecutor tried to erase all of that and then he tricked the defense lawyer into opening the door to putting the wife on the stand after he made sure she was no longer a co-defendant in the case. That meant she could help put him in the gas chamber and she was more than happy to do so. I was also mad beyond belief the prosecutor did not care about an important twist in the case. The defense found out the wife was now having a sexual relationship with the special prosecutor's assistant and had given him the murder victim's money clip which he was wearing in court! After finding that out in the judge's chambers the special prosecutor still didn't care that the wife was not only 100% guilty of adultery with the murder victim, she hadn't stopped fooling around during the trial!

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The victim got exactly what he deserved. It's just too bad the wife didn't get the same thing.

The crookedest lawyer in this film was the prosecutor (not to mention his staff).