Twice-Told Tales : 35mm print of Twice told tales

35mm print of Twice told tales

I have a 35mm print of this movie in a tin with United Artist on the tin. How do I find out the value of this movie? (

Re: 35mm print of Twice told tales

Like anything else, "it is worth whatever you can get" 35mm film is very bulky so the number of collectors is limited. Projectors for 35mm film take up about the same amount of space that a refrigerator takes, and you would customarily need two of them...this limits the number of people who have the equipment to show such a film.

Horror movies (and Vincent Price) are popular, so that is in your favor. Other factors would include the condition of the print. Is it splicy? Is it scratched? Is there mildew? What about the color? Has it faded or warmed (turned red)? Is it complete? Condition is important. You might want to do some research on line and look for collectors of 35mm horror films. E-Bay is another route...all sorts of films turn up there regularly.