Amy Schumer : blatant joke stealer

blatant joke stealer

Not funny to begin with even the jokes she steals tank. I'm sure Barbie will make her the superstar her publicity and the trades tell us she is. You Tube Neil Mcinnes for the joke stealing revelation.

Re: blatant joke stealer

Yeah the joke stealing video on YouTube is pretty damning. Not to mention her promises to post an unedited lie detector test to prove she didn't steal the jokes, that she never followed through on.

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you can't call her out on it because

"Girls are funnier the boys!"

feminism and whatnot

she's garbage and knows it.

Dane Cook with a vagina.

Re: blatant joke stealer

I'll admit I am still waiting for her to be funny. Haven't seen it yet.

((Damn the remakes, Save the originals.))

Re: blatant joke stealer

I also would prefer it if she stole better material from classier comics

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She's not a classy lady though that's why she has to steal to begin with.

Re: blatant joke stealer

was kind of being mildly sarcastic there