Audio Equipment and Home Theater Audio : Thinking of finally making the upgrade..questions

Thinking of finally making the upgrade..questions

In a few weeks, maybe months to get an even better one I'll be finally getting an hdtv. This tube tv is getting boring. Anyways, I was just curious, where does everything go? On a regular tube tv there is a place to put cable boxes, bluray/dvd players, etc. I have a stand but it's just a place to put the tv itself. It has a place under that, a square, i put the xbox there when not using it. I could move that outside, when I use it I have to anyways for the ethernet to reach the router. I don't want to have a shelf with a bunch of little cubicles, to me that makes it seem likes it's not even flat panel. And I don't really plan on getting the installation or a new stand. I get paid minimum wage, and only work weekends, so I've been saving up for a long time, the cheaper the better. Also, what do you guys suggest? I have a small lcd in my room, and I like it but when I watch shows that have a lot of black, I litterally don't see anything. But it seems to look even better on animated shows. So should I stick with plasma or does that not happen on high definition sets? Also, I generally have the lights off, if that makes any difference.

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Re: Thinking of finally making the upgrade..questions

Consider getting a really long HDMI cable from Monoprice, and locating the sources and AV receiver near where you sit. That could make for long speaker cable runs, though. And maybe problems with the remote control(s). So, maybe a cabinet off to one side?

On a very limited budget, you could get a free TV cabinet/shelf thing (try Freecycle, or Craigslist), paint it black, and saw off the parts you don't need. Or one of those old "stereo stands" with a smoked glass door. Or some funky antique cabinet... repaint, or strip and varnish, add shelves if necessary or holes for cables.

As for plasma vs LCD... Compare them in stores with a movie or demo you're familiar with. I haven't bought either yet (as a TV), but, watching videos on an LCD computer monitor, the lack of pure black is annoying.

Finally, if you can be satisfied with a smaller picture (and a freaking huge and heavy cabinet), used CRT HDTVs may be worth considering if the price is right. Sony made widescreen CRT Wegas up to something like 36 or 40 inches.

Re: Thinking of finally making the upgrade..questions

If you've got a display picked out, check reviews carefully, and run tests if possible to see how it handles pans and similar motion. I was told that cheaper displays cut corners on the processing electronics, so even though they may be 1080p with still pictures, they can't achieve that with moving images.

This guy created a test DVD that really shows up this kind of problem. Unfortunately it's PAL, but maybe you can use a region-free DVD player to play it. Or run it through some program that'll convert it to NTSC. ntal-move.html

Re: Thinking of finally making the upgrade..questions

In a comparison between LCD & plasma put in the conditions you stated I would go with plasma.

1) They're cheaper. Inch per inch you get a better value with plasma.

2) Color saturation. I had a LCD but replaced it with a plasma for this very reason. I hated not being able to see "black". There really is no comparison, plasma wins hands down

3) Lamp life. A LCD has an average lamp life of 60k hours. A Plasma meanwhile is sporting a 100k hour lamp life(that's 8 hours a day for 34+ years).

4) They're faster. The fastest current LCD flat panel is 240Mhz; and your gonna PAY for that). The plasma is far superior at a rate of 600Mhz (really good for watching sports).

In all fairness the LCD is better at non-reflection. LCD's are great in the day in a brightly lit areas like an airport or a barber shop. The plasma mfger's have come far since the 1st gen plasma. Mine has a "mat" finish but I still see slight reflections in my screen during the day. But since I work most of the day and watch at night that's not a problem for me. Plasmas are better in a controlled light atmosphere anyways.

I love my plasma to my LCD, will never go back!

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