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Dvd collection vs viewing experience

Lots of movies or great entertainment system?

Lets say hypothetically your whole Video/DVD/Bluray collection disappeared as did your TV/speakers/entertainment sytem.

When repurchasing would you rather have A) a huge movie/TV collection and a crappy TV/sound system
B) a small movie/TV collection and a mediocre TV/sound system
C) only a couple movies, a couple tv seasons and a Great TV/sound system

Re: Dvd collection vs viewing experience

There's many problems with this question.


Streaming sucks for quality AND sound and while it would work for most of the DVD selection, it's a poor substitute for DVD. Poor quality TV and streaming = unwatchable experience. However, MOST TV's under certain price range are built pretty much by the same few companies, with different branding. There's very little difference between quality under a certain price range.

My stereo was built from the ground up, I use high power RCA movie theater tube amplifiers and it's also used for music listening and recording. MP3's sound like crap on this system as most poorly mastered CD's. (90% of the CD's are poorly mastered today)