Centurions : Centurions DVD release is a must !

Centurions DVD release is a must !

People at Warner Archive should be ashamed, of not have released this show on DVD yet.
We have only had the first 5 episodes, and that's alone without any Segments after the episodes, all episodes had them right before the credits, when they aired on Boomerang.
This is clearly a mistake, and is not considered a proper release in my opinion, I hope they at least add them as an extra on the next set, if and when it gets a release.

We don't have cartoons like these anymore, all the garbage on tv these days are NOT suitable for kids at all. We need cartoons like Centurions to educate the kids and youngsters, so they get better off when they get older.

So if you see this message Warner Archive, please consider more releases of this great show, as there are not many valuable shows like this around anymore.

Re: Centurions DVD release is a must !

My Friend is Right, Warner Video Archive needs to put all 65 Episodes of Centurions onto DVD and at least put the Public Service announcements at the end of each show or at least in a special feature section on the DVDs. All 65 Episodes had Public Service Announcements when aired on Boomerang in the USA and other countries along with back when they originally aired in the 1980's. I have Noticed that other 1980's cartoons that the recordings of that are not owned by Warner Archive have been released on DVD. The other companies have put other classic 1980's cartoons that are good like the 1983 He-Man, 1985 She-Ra, 1987 Bravestarr, 1983-1991 G.I.Joe, 1984-1987 Transformers, 1985 MASK, and 1984 Heathcliff on DVDs. You go to Warner Video Archive's website WBshop.com you will notice that only 2 1980's cartoons are totally available on DVD on their site those two are Silverhawks, and the 1983 20 episode Dukes Cartoon that happens to be a cartoon version of The Dukes of Hazzard. They need to put shows like Centurions and other cartoons they have access of the film negatives to be put on DVD so we can enjoy classic Cartoons and share them with the younger generations because many of the cartoons that have come out in the last 17 years are getting too violent even for adults because there are some cartoons in the last 6 years that have people's heads being chopped off and being passed as safe for children to watched when ones that have scenes like that should be rated R. That is why we need classics form the 1980's on DVD so we have clean cartoons for children.

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