The Mission : Another Pesky Score question

Another Pesky Score question

I've loved this movie and its score since I was a small child. I agree with everybody that Gabriel's oboe, as well as the multi cultural themes that interweave with each other are enthralling and make the movie what it is. There is one musical theme which is not included in the soundtrack because it only appears once in the entire movie and I'm trying to put a name to it or at least find out more information on it. It is the score that accompanies the scene in which the characters are visiting the violin making workshop around the middle of the movie. The violin is the main instrument used, accompanied by a harpsichord? and it sounds like a folia. I would be insanely happy if anybody has any information on this theme!! :D

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I'm hearing one or two violins and a flute on this piece. It sounds like something Vivaldi wrote, but since no credit to any of his some 600 compositions is given Morricone most likely did it with baroque inspiration. BTW, there are two biopics in the works on Vivaldi.

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I thought about this during the course of the movie and came to the conclusion that it was, in all probability, something the Maestro composed for the film in a baroque style rather than an actual baroque piece. I can hear the folia too, if anything is going to make a piece sound baroque its the folia, two violins and a flute and heavily embellished melodic lines.