Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives : I find C.J. Graham comparable to Kane Hodder

I find C.J. Graham comparable to Kane Hodder

Many fans view Kane Hodder as the best portrayer of Jason, and while I agree that he is fantastic in the role, I think that C.J. Graham is equally adept. Kane Hodder has automatically had more attention for being the one to play Jason the most times. C.J. Graham's performance matches the manner that is delivered in subsequent films. The chief reason why Jason seems less intimidating in this movie is because he is ambivalent about harming small children, but that is an isolated matter. When he does murder, he displays the same merciless violence that we see in Kane Hodder's version of the character.

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Also C.J. is about 5 inches taller than Kane, which makes him more imposing.

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Yes, that always adds to the fun. I haven't thought of it until now, but C.J. Graham's height must be a secondary cause of this movie featuring some of the best shots of Jason parading through the woods.

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He's not 5 inches taller; more like 2 inches taller. Hodder had the best look for Jason though in my opinion, because his naturally wide head filled out the mask better than any of the other Jason actors did, and his shoulders are quite high/broad/square, rather than low and sloping like Graham's.

Look at the size of Hodder's head compared to Derek Mears in this picture:

And look at his shoulders; they are so high he barely has any height to his neck, and they are very square. Hodder has a freaky build/anatomy; perfect for playing Jason. What they tried to do with hokey-looking shoulder and neck padding for Richard Brooker in part 3, Hodder has naturally. Everyone else just looked like some guy in a mask, but Hodder seemed like he was Jason.

This picture is a good shoulder comparison between Hodder and Graham, and a good height comparison as well:

With that said, Graham was my second-favorite Jason actor.

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Its simple quantity to me, Kane gets noticed cuz he's got the record of appearances. Hes ok. But that doesn't make him the best. Stunman hes great. But pt6 action\horror combo is my fav & CJ grahams portrayal is easily my favorite. Btw CJ I 1 inch taller. Pple look it up on celeb heights. Kane 6"2" CJ 6'3" . CJ also didnt need camera angles to be great, he was simply more muscular & menacing just normally. Hes my pick

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Hodder was a legit 6'3 or just under that in late 80's (not 6'5") and today with age and many injuries and back, hip, knee ane kneck surgeries from doing stunts he's lost several inches of height and wears massive chunky platform boots to add back some of the height that he has lost in the last 30 years.

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Yeah, I don't see much of a difference in their portrayal. Graham was really the first Jason to do the quick body/head turns and all that. Kane incorporated Graham's portrayal into his performance and added the heavy breathing.