Ferris Bueller's Day Off : What are your favourite scenes?

What are your favourite scenes?

I liked the choreography of the black people dancing during the Twist & Shout scene, and when Cameron phones the school pretending to be Sloane's dad.

Re: What are your favourite scenes?

I'll say two words and two names:

Jeannie: "Ferris..." / Rooney: "...Bueller."


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Re: What are your favourite scenes?

When they are at the gallery, Twist and Shout, Cameron killing the car and Ferris saying goodbye to Sloane then running home.

Re: What are your favourite scenes?

the scene rolled during the end credits with jeffrey jones who i've never seen play a good guy role except for in "ed wood", notice when he's outside the house and says "son of a bitch"... there is a big chance his mother could have heard that. also the desk drool. i thought this board would be full of the question "what happened to his friend after he ruined his daddy's car?" its strange how they just kept that hanging there. the principal (jones) and the woman in his office (redhead from movies like planes, trains and automobiles, elvira) always plays the same kind of roles. they didn't wait for the sequel to repeat jokes.

through your glasses you showed me your sight,
your land so colourful green blue and picturesque bright,
as i took them off and saw with my eyes,
the light went out of my town,
cant find the way to your childlike island of light,
buddy i left you a ticket,
if you ever come my way,
if through the dark i find your path,
and join for a good old time there someday.

Re: What are your favourite scenes?

That whole parade scene is great. I want to believe everyone in that scene is participating and having a good time.
My favorite overall, though, is when Cameron is faking Mr. Peterson to Rooney. I remember as a child laughing my ass off when it was revealed he was using the voice.