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blu-ray players and opinions

I have a 26 inch HD ready TV in my room. I can't see much difference between BLU-RAY and DVD. If I buy a BLU-RAY player I am planning to buy Sony BDP-S185. But I am happy with my Pioneer 525. I don't think a BLU-RAY player will make any difference. What are your opinions?

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On a 26 inch HD ready TV, I think you're right. I don't think blu-ray will make any difference.

Splurge and update the TV to at least a 42" HDTV, then buy a blu-ray player. Use the supplied HDMI cable that comes with the blu-ray player. The Sony BDP-S185 will work just fine. Any blu-ray player will put out essentially the same high-def image.

Re: blu-ray players and opinions

I think a blu player is a good choice. you don't have to buy blu discs, dvds are upsclaed to near blu quality. I had an old 9"color tube tv and put the blu player on it and had an awesome picture on it. I dont think the tv matters as much but the player does; however as you notice tubes are gone, just flats now. Might as well have the best of both. I got a 60"LED and phil/mag blu player using hdmi.

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