Blu-ray Hi-Def Equipment : How do I hook up second blu ray player to existing home theatre system?

How do I hook up second blu ray player to existing home theatre system?

I'm using a Seiki bd 660 model to play region b/2 blu rays. I've hooked it up to a Samsung bd 1255 home theatre system. Sound is only coming out of my front speakers, not the entire rig.

If you know how to properly configure this setup, please tell me. Explain things to me slowly, as I am new to home electronics, and even worse, Canadian. LOL

Also, if it is possible to get this configuration to work properly, is it possible to go between the two players to play discs?

Re: How do I hook up second blu ray player to existing home theatre system?

OK... according to the Samsung website, the BD1255 has no HDMI input, so you must be connecting using an optical cable or regular audio (RCA) cables, and connecting to the TV directly using HDMI. Since TVs usually only understand 2 channel audio over HDMI, for some reason this sometimes causes the optical output from the disc player to revert to two-channel instead of surround sound. (That was the case with my HD-DVD player; don't know if it applies to the BD660.)

Anyway, I also have a BD660, connected via optical to an AV receiver.

With no disc loaded, hit SETUP on the remote, then arrow over to the AUDIO OUTPUT page. Hit ENTER or arrow down, and see what the settings are. I have mine set like this:
HDMI ............ PCM
Down Sampling ... 48K
DRC ............. OFF

The crucial setting will be the SPDIF one; if you have it set to PCM, you'll only get two channel stereo. And, it looks like the BD660 doesn't have the option of mixing surround down to Dolby ProLogic which can be sent over two channels.

The manual says that the RCA analog outputs are just front left and right. If you've been using the analog outputs, that would explain why you only get front left and right. Now, it is slightly possible that the BD660 does downmix surround stuff to Pro Logic (but nobody bothered to tell the person who wrote the manual), so try enabling Dolby Pro Logic decoding on the Samsung, and see if that makes a difference. [page 71 of the BD1225 manual]

If you don't have an optical (Toslink) cable, try to get one from a dollar store or liquidation outlet for a couple of bucks. Most normal consumer electronics stores have huge mark-ups on cables ($25 at The Source). If you ask friends/colleagues/family who are literate in things audio & video, there's a good chance someone will have a spare cable lying around. If all else fails, buy one from eBay for $1.10 (search for Toslink cable, filter by "buy it now" and "lowest price").

It may help to read the FAQ on this page on "How To Connect The Video And Audio" eatre-system/HT-BD1255T/MEA-support I'll download the user manual and update this if I find something useful.