The Bold and the Beautiful : Why does every character

Why does every character

Get married at the Forrester mansion? There are also always only like 10 whole people invited. Wasn't Ally's funeral there too? It seems the Forrester living room has also been annointed a church.

Re: Why does every character

Could be because they don't have many sets. That's the problem with soaps now. They're so limited on sets so you pretty much see the same place for months and months and months. B&B tries to change it up and have beach shots or film in the parking lot of "Forresters Creations" but it's just the CBS Television City parking lot. Not very creative if you ask me.

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Re: Why does every character

The Price is Right parking lot probably. Donna and Pam did appear on the show a few years ago lol..

Re: Why does every character

It's all the same lot. Y&R, B&B, Price is right and the Late late show are all filmed there. I've gone to filmings of the late late show and walked through some of the areas where the soap sets are.