Joe : Similar 1970's movies

Similar 1970's movies

I really enjoyed this movie and if anyone can recommend me a similar movie please, 1970's movies only please.

peter boyle is great

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Rather than recommend any one particular movie, I suggest you watch the IFC documentary A Decade Under the Influence. It is all about film makers and films of the 70s , which was a unique time in American cinema that we will (likely & sadly) never see again. It is available for rent at Netflix. It really is an amazing look at the times. From Easy Rider on, it shows the only real time in America that the money and ability of the studios met with the creative freedom of the indies. Arguably the greatest American films came from this generation of artists. In fact, I believe I rented Joe on the strength of its appearance in the IFC documentary to begin with.

OK, I'll recommend a few.
Targets (Peter Bogdonovich)
Easy Rider
Taxi Driver
Dirty Harry
Cutter and Bone

All these have some aspect of the culture wars becoming violent; some more than others.

1. Being moody.
2. Being bad at maths.
3. Being sad.

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Electra Glide in Blue

"Nobody throws me my own guns and says run. Nobody."

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For some reason this movie always "feels" close to George C. Scott's "Hardcore" to me.

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That's an interesting comparison, I guess they've got a kinda similar storyline with old-culture dads trying to save their counter-culture kids. Difference is is that Hardcore felt very serious, whereas Joe has plenty of funny moments

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Taking Off
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