Good Times : The Rent Party episode

The Rent Party episode

This was a significant episode in many ways:

James's (John Amos) last appearance

J.J. (Jimmie Walker) does not appear

First of the "put on show" episodes

Also, Michael (Ralph Carter) gets a chance to show his singing talent, while Bookman (Johnny Brown) shows his gift for impressions. We see Willona (Ja'net Dubois), Thelma (BernNadette Stanis) and Florida (Esther Rolle) attempt their version of The Supremes, though Thelma and Florida clearly are no singers.

Still it manages to be an entertaining episode, Ralph Carter's singing is very good, and Esther Rolle and John Amos's reactions to it are touching and funny. Johnny Brown is entertaining with his impressions of Ed Sullivan, Wolfman Jack, Howard Cosell and Muhammad Ali.

Re: The Rent Party episode

The Rent Party is my favorite episode especially since it was nice that JJ wasn't in it, and it was a real touching and hilarious episode. It's also sad that, that was John Amos' last episode. I actually think season 3 was the best episode especially with humor. That episode had me laughing how Wanda closed the door on Bookman.

Bookman: Oh, Ms. Williams, I was just on my way up to your place.

Wanda: Good, because I ain't there.

(Slams door)

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