Reality TV : Big Brother Game Casting Call

Big Brother Game Casting Call

iBig Brother 8: ????
Host: Javi (Iraheto)


Ever wondered how you'd do if you were to play Big Brother? Nows your chance to find out. I'm currently casting for the new season of my Big Brother series which takes place here on IMDb. This game will have everything from HOH and POV competitions, to nominations, to the jury. All in a fraction of the time a regular season lasts. Only 1 can come out the winner of iBig Brother...

º Looking for 14 new players.

° This game will take place on IMDb with a side forum for voting.

All competitions will be Sunday-Thursday at 8:00 PM CST. Do you have what it takes to survive extinction in the Big Brother game? Find out here.

If you're interested in signing up please send me a Private Message. Do not sign up on this thread.

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Past season winners
Season 1: alrmw31
Season 2: A-Supreme
Season 3: Vlad_Frost
Season 4: Bork992
Season 5: Alco-Holocaust
Season 6: Captain_Jimmy18
Season 7 All-Stars: alrmw31