Dallas : The final episode - the way it should've ended

The final episode - the way it should've ended

They could've done the ridiculous "It's A Wonderful Life" episode with JR (which was really odd because a lot of the characters were actually better off with JR around)

They could've done it just the way it ended - with the bang and Bobby coming into JR's bedroom with a shocked look on his face. But instead of it ending there, it goes to commercial.

When it comes back, Bobby runs over and begins to shake JR's body.

Bobby: JR, what have you done??!!?? I'm not going to let you do this. It can't end this way. Fight, JR, fight. Come on, wake up! Wake up, JR. WAKE UP!!!!

Everything gets fuzzy

Bobby (softly): Wake up. Wake up, honey. Wake up
Pam (Yes, PAM): What? Wh.. Where am I?
Bobby: In the doctor's office. Boy, you must've been in a deep sleep. I couldn't wake you up.
Pam: Oh my God, Bobby. It was awful. I was coming home from the doctor and I crashed into an oil truck. There was an explosion and I was burned all over my body. And Ray, he married Jenna and they moved away. An old man bought his house and tried to destroy South Fork. And you, you married Jack's ex-wife and she was murdered - by Russians!!!
Bobby: That is awful. But it was just a dream. None of those things happened.
Dr. Danvers: Sorry to keep you waiting. I've got the test results. Congratulations. You're pregnant.
Pam: Pregnant??? I'm going to have a baby???
Danvers: Yes, and despite your past problems, I see no reason why you can't carry this baby to full term.
Bobby: Harlan, are you sure.
Danvers: Well, she's going to have to be extra careful, but she should be fine.
Pam: So no climbing into the barn loft or riding horses during this pregnancy?
Danvers: I'm afraid not. But you two run on out to South Fork and tell Christopher about his new brother or sister. I'll see you in a few weeks.
Pam: Oh Bobby, I can't believe it. A baby after all these years. Let's go home and tell Chrisopher, and Miss Ellie and Clayton and Sue Ellen. They're going to be so happy.
Bobby: And don't forget Uncle JR. He's going to be thrilled.
Pam: And what about you? Are you happy?
Bobby: Happier than I've ever been in my life. Let's go.
Pam: You know, since I'm going to have so much time on my hands for the next few months, I think I'm going to get some therapy. I want to know why I keep having these long, utterly ridiculous dreams.
Bobby: It's probably stress. After awhile, all this wealth and luxury has to take a toll on a person.
Pam: I think you're right.

Fade to credits.

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Without J.R., Cliff Barnes would have been President of the US.
Although, compared to Donald Trump….

Re: The final episode - the way it should've ended

Although, compared to Donald Trump….

Right 'cause Crooked Killary is so much better.

The who shot JR episode.

How did JR make money off of the deal and the cartel lost money.
2. After making money off said deal, why didn't JR give them their money and call it a day?

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