Dallas : Who could actually challenge J.R. in a scene?

Who could actually challenge J.R. in a scene?

J.R. always won. No matter what. He somehow always came out on top in every scene. He was just a MUCH better character by nature than everybody else. Pure perfection (well, until the 12th season when he became kind of lame). But in his heyday, nobody could match J.R. Or could they? Here are my thoughts on many characters and how they measured up to Mr. Ewing Oil.

1. Miss Ellie: Definitely could hold her own. I mean she was his mother so she could exert power a lot over him. She often put him in his place.
2. Sue Ellen: Yes, in her exaggerated and dramatic way. Lots of fun seeing her get revenge during custody fights, love affairs, drinking episodes, family arguments etc. She definitely never seemed close to as strong as J.R. though.
3. Jock: Similar to Miss Ellie, but more forceful because he was a man. Very direct with J.R. and he often took charge of him in scenes.
4. Bobby: He did in a somewhat milder way than others. He often seemed to "good" to believe some of the stuff J.R. was doing and seemed more like all talk no action. He definitely wasn't anywhere near as smart as his brother which took away some power.
5. Pam: Sorry but even though she and J.R. are my favorite characters they didn't really work together. Pam has absolutely no chance with her brother in law; she always seemed nervous around him. Her attempts at strength around him are superficial feeling and when she joins Ewing Oil it's like, oh no. No way can she go near J.R.!!!!!
6. Donna: Very snappy interchanges between them. Very smart and great acting from Susan Howard. Seems kind of aloof so she is a perfect foil against J.R.'s garbage.
7. Ray: Perhaps sometimes in a physical way but acting wise, no. Not a strong enough presence there.
8. Lucy: This one is hard because overall the character is not super interesting but sometimes there is a little bit of that sass in her eyes that only a hot, cute young blonde like her can project. It somehow feels like she is winning by being cuter and hotter but she doesn't really contribute significantly with words against J.R.
9. Cliff: Well he is interesting and likeable in many ways but not really a match for J.R. The great thing is that this done on purpose by the actor, so he is the perfect match; he is symbiotic to J.R. Great portrayal and he lets J.R. walk all over him which of course is fun to watch!
10. Angelica Nero: One of the strongest presences when paired with J.R. She exuded power, beauty, class and brains.. She also has the advantage over him of being stunningly hot so that trumps him in many scenes!!
Other good ones: Clayton Farlow, Jessica Montford, Katherine Wentworth, Kristin Shepard, Jeremy Wendell.
Other bad ones: Jenna, Mandy, Jack, James.

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I think Sue Ellen in the by the time she left Dallas pretty much got even with JR. Sue Ellen went through more changes on Dallas then any other character. She hit rock bottom a few times but got back up and came out fighting. Larry Hagman plays a fantastic part as JR too, it's hard to defend the character but the actor pretty much was great at playing the bad guy. It was very believable. I think Linda Gray was also pretty fantastic and those two together were dynamite. I would have prefer to see Sue Ellen run off into the sunset with Dusty and not Don Lockwood.

I know I am on my own here but I like Cliff. It is in my nature to root for the under dog. and I found Cliff a funny character. Yes he was a loser but I still found him fun to watch. Ken Kerchival had some funny lines I think he was underrated as an actor.

Glad I am not the only one who liked Angelica Nero. Then I have always had a bit of a thing for Barbara Carrera. Gorgeous exotic female.

I loved how little Lucy stood up to JR

Bobby was a good guy but I have to admit I enjoyed the scenes where he kicks JR's ass.
As ruthless as JR was in business , he couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. Ray and Bobby on the other hand were scrappers.

I think Clayton stood up to JR too and wasn't afraid of him.

Donna was the best, she took no crap of JR whatsoever.

Loved it when JR tricked Katherine Wentworth about playing a tape for Bobby in bed.
Jessica Montforth as hilarious. I loved that character.

I liked Jack too, but wasn't keen on his sister Jamie.

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Clayton's chats with JR were always fun. Clayton would always take a tone with JR like JR was a child and he was scolding him.

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Jeremy Wendell, played by the great William Smithers, was one of the few characters that I really thought could take on J.R in a believable way (until his silly exit in season 12).

Miss Ellie, Jock and Clayton could hold their own against J.R as well.

Another character that springs to mind as well is Dusty. He never seemed to be fearful of J.R.

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William Smithers was great as Jeremy Wendell. He came out with some great on liners too.
William is still alive today is 88.

Dusty wasn't arsed about JR either.

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Also Punk.

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Miss Ellie for sure. Nice lady, but good at putting JR in his place.

Jock. He could be ruthless, but would not have come close to anything like the BD Calhoun affair.

Sue Ellen, particularly at the end of season 12, when she made that movie.

Clayton. He always talked to JR like he was berating a child.

Pam. By the time she departed in season 10, she certainly was fed up with JR.

Ray. I loved scenes where he beat up JR.

Bobby. Same with Ray.

Cliff, although he never was seen kicking the crap out of JR. He did bite him once during an Oil Baron's Brawl.

And finally, James. I loved it when he left JR in that sanitarium, although it would have been more fun had it been Sue Ellen that committed him.

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I would say Miss Ellie, Donna, and Sue Ellen. They always stood up to JR. Miss Ellie just because she was his mother and would put him in his place. Donna was just a tough cookie and took crap from no one. I guess you could say that Sue Ellen was weaker earlier in the series, but still the JR-Sue Ellen scenes were very powerful even when she was weak because she didn't hold back calling him on his crap and what a truly awful husband he was.

I enjoyed the Cliff-JR scenes, but I never thought Cliff was ever a true match for JR. I got more out of their comical encounters, of which there were many. In fairness, though, most characters knew JR was an ass and didn't really take crap from him.

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I know Pam was kind of unstable in later seasons but boy when she and JR were in same frame they both stared daggers at each other and rudely sniped insults and in many scenes Pam ended up slapping JR. JR had love-hate relationship with most of other characters but JR-Pam's relationship was pure hatred towards each otherit was epic!:D

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One of my favorites J.R.-Pam scenes was in season 8 when she discovered that J.R. sent her on a wild-goose chase to find the "late" Mark Graison. Pam told J.R. that she was going to team up with Cliff and Jamie to take Ewing Oil away from him (the one thing he loved the most) so that he could feel the same pain that he inflicted upon others. That was an awesome moment.

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Did somebody say Miss Ellie? Well, yes. She's his mother and he will do her will (as long as JR is being "watched").

Did somebody say Bobby? Well yes, but he was too nice! He followed the rules. He was tired of the B&B (booze & broads). This puts him at a significant disadvantage to someone who breaks rules.

The ONLY one who could "dominate" good ole JR was his daddy. Not only did he have the power. JR was afraid of him.

Early scene: There's a report on the news and JR, in his office, says that he hopes that the old man isn't watching And the phone immediately rings!

Old Jock Ewing shut them all down! My brother and I still quote him.

"You don't shoot craps with Southfork!"
"Real power is not something you give It's something you take!!"
"I spoiled Bobby rotten and he turned out to be the best of the lot!"

Even though JR could hold his own as a character, when Jock died, a part of Dallas died with him. The one person who could "control" JR was gone!

My brother and I still quote JR, too!

When we answer the phone, "must be the weather bureau calling to see if I'm getting enough sunshine."