Terry and June : tried it again, but still not laughing

tried it again, but still not laughing

'Terry & June' is being shown on Drama channel(Freeview UK) so just out of nostalgic curiosity I watched a couple of episodes recently. Oh dear, I'm afraid I found it just as unfunny now as I did in the 1970/80s when it was first aired. Poor scripts, poor acting apart from June Whitfield who IMHO carries the whole thing, and poor old Terry Scott bumbling along and fluffing his lines between pouring out drinks. The poor man was a raging alcoholic (and sadly it shows) who died of liver disease in his 60s and yet in virtually every episode he has at least one drink - could be fake whisky or fruit juice I suppose, but I seriously doubt it. Anyway, I've given it a chance but it just doesn't do it for me. No offence intended to those who enjoy it.
(PS: I'm 58 btw if that's relevant)