Hart to Hart : ARG ARG ARG help please

ARG ARG ARG help please

Last night I watched this episode - operation murder - for 55 minutes. Then my TV service - HA - provider shut off and I missed the end. So WHO did the murder and why??????????????????

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Spoilers, obviously :-).

This is one of the very best episodes of the entire series. Quite a few plot holes, but even so it's just superb in all the ways that make H2H great. Here's my review > http://www.imdb.com/board/10597271/reviews-1. I've rewatched it now to give you your answer, cuz I didn't remember off the top of my head. Thanks, it was fun! I found so many things I wish I'd put in my review now that I've seen it again. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking, gah! Not sure where you left off exactly, so

in the final act Jennifer goes to the hospital alone to find proof that it either happened or that she's crazy. While she's there the original bald man in the wheelchair attacks her. She runs out of the room and right into the the mustache man who's been lurking all over the Hart property. Turns out he's an FBI agent, and so was the man in the wheelchair. Bald Wheelchair man was assigned to protect a Federal witness against the mob, but he got paid off to "take a break" so the bad guy could murder the witness, who was genuinely in the hospital for angina. They succeeded, that's the murder Jennifer witnessed. Bald Wheelchair Agent is also killed by an assassins bullet, leaving Jennifer the only witness left, and you're kept guessing until the very end who that assassin is (though the last nurse's station scene makes it pretty obvious). They stage an elaborate ruse where Jonathan hires a stunt double (Stefanie's real one for the show, Nancy Bleier, who even got lines, yay her!) to pose as Jennifer and be hit by a car so that the real Jennifer can be checked back into the hospital and lure the murderer out. The bad guy gets to her even amidst the FBI protections, poses her as a real patient for heart surgery, and puts a poison additive into the anesthetic line so that when they try to put her to sleep they literally kill her. Jonathan figures it all out and saves the day, but not before the assassin the original doctor tries to kill Jonathan. Turns out the the doctor had gambling debts with the mob, so they utlized him to do their dirty work, including getting rid of the witness. In doing so, the whole Jennifer Hart mess and all these loose strings that this bad guy doctor had to clean up, too. Bitchy nurse Tannen is just a red herring.

Again, alot of plot holes, but that's ok. It has so much that's awesome. I hope this helped!!!

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Hilary you *must* update your original review!

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p.s. Hated the nurse. Guess she turned in a great performance.