Hart to Hart : How old were the harts

How old were the harts

Did they ever mention there ages on the show ?

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One episode shows Jennifer's driver's license and birthdate to be 11/2/46. Another episode says she was born in '49.

The only reference to Jonathan's age is an episode where he is playing an undercover hit man in his 40's.

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Yes, Jennifer's age is specifically referenced in the driver's license shot, so that's exact and if I'm not mistaken, the birth date represented is Stefanie's exact birthdate, too. I forget which episode, but I reference it in one of my reviews. Jonathan's is never referenced, but it seems to me that he's clearly supposed to be in his mid-40's.

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Her driver's license is seen in Hartland Express when the wheelchair agent goes through her purse. It is her birthdate but 1946 and not her actual birth year of 1942.

In Harts Under Glass when the man who did the research on her states her birth year as 1949. Again inconsistent writers can't even keep stories straight within the same season (4 episodes apart).

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Yep! Both of these references were aired. Don't you just love inconsistencies ;) Crazy that these episodes were both in the same season. Hearts Under Glass came only 3 episodes later. I tend to take the Hearts Under Glass reference, because a) it came later in the series and b) it was spoken on air.

Also, in the episode "Death Set" (s1, ep22) after punching out the bad guy toward the end, Jonathan says, "That's one from the class of 63." In the episode there are 2 brothers who wear class rings from their ivy league school (can't recall at the moment which one) and their graduation years were referenced ('60 & '62) giving way for Jonathan to figure out that one brother had been wearing the other brother's ring. I take Jonathan's comment to indicate that he supposedly graduated from college in 1963 - from where we don't know - letting us know that he is younger than the other men in the episode, ha ha! If he in fact was supposed to have graduated in 1963, and most kids are right about 22 when they graduate (if they get done in 4 years, which most people did back in those days), that would put him with a birth year of about 1941. Crazy, since RJ was actually born in 1930. But then, RJ always looked younger than he really was.

I like the idea of the birth years being '41 for Jonathan & '49 for Jennifer. That would put their characters at about 38 & 30 at the time the show first aired in 1979. The actor's actual ages in 1979 would have been 49 (RJ) & 37 (Steph), give or take for the time of year their birthdays fell - but they both easily pulled off the idea that they portrayed younger characters :)