Hart to Hart : Blu-ray


Does anyone know which format this show was filmed on? I wish it was possible to release the whole series on Blu-ray.

Dennis Alexis

Re: Blu-ray

Video tape - never going to be released on BD - upscale TV is your best bet

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It was filmed on 35mm film. It would look incredible on Blu-ray, provided they didn't crop it to 16:9 just so it could fill the screen of a widescreen TV. Doing that necessitates cropping off part of the top and bottom of the picture and opening up the sides to show the edges you were never intended to see. I would buy Blu-rays provided they stayed with the original aspect ratio-4:3.

I've seen Hallmark show some episodes that look to be remastered in HD. However, they were cropped top and bottom to be 16:9 so material was missing and headroom was too tight in some scenes. In terms of color, clarity, and detail, they looked great.

Unfortunately, I doubt we'll ever see this show on Blu-ray. Blu-ray releases of TV shows have sold poorly with the exception of a few shows. Many shows have cancelled Blu-ray releases mid-series and continued on with standard definition DVD releases. Modern Family and the Hawaii Five-O remake come to mind.

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Yep, totally agree. There's no way they'll release this on DVD, it took practically an act of God just to get all the seasons on DVD.

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Although they are releasing Knight Rider & Miami Vice on BD so if those shows are getting a release why not this show? There is also a release of the whole series of Little House OnThe Prairie, so who knows.

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1) Knight Rider has an enormous fan base worldwide.

2) Miami Vice was visually totally stunning at times.

3) Haven't seen a single episode of LHOTP but I guess it's a combination of 1) and multi generational suitability.

H2H was neither of those. I cherish the memories, but never watched a rerun in this century.