Cheers : Do bars like Cheers exist still?

Do bars like Cheers exist still?

When I was in college I went to one bar that had a regular customer base where the bar tenders knew the customers and the customers knew each other and their bar tender. It only lasted for like 2 years. Eventually the students that were like that left and the few staff members at the school moved to other jobs and the locals that went there moved on. It was the only time that I have ever experienced a bar like that. I have been a regular at restaurants and bars but I only really knew the staff at those places not any of the other patrons. I do live in a state that doesnt have a big bar culture unless you count friday and saturday nights. Is it different in bigger cities? or more rural places where there is only a few bars to go to?

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I assume the old bars do. Like that have been owned by the same guy or family for 40, or 50 years.

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Re: Do bars like Cheers exist still?

In reality; a bar like Cheers would cater to a slightly younger urban professional crowd (Yuppies of today).
You would not see people like Carla working there. You might in fact see a guy like Sam owning it - but he would probably be behind the scenes. He would hire young hot-shot attractive men and lady bartenders.
Boston proper is a very expensive area.
I do not think you'd see a Cliff, Norm or Woody there. You would see a Frasier type --however a bit younger.

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Re: Do bars like Cheers exist still?

Bars nowadays are more cooperations like how Cheers became by 1987 after Sam sold the bar. Bars I've been to haven't been anything like "Cheers" even though it's a fictional show but there is a real "Cheers" bar in Boston. Cheers seems to make great business during the afternoon hours assuming weekdays. I'm my area of the larger cities bars have maybe a handful of people in the afternoon hour. Usually restaurant/bars do business in the afternoon. And most of them are people in their late 40's, 50's or early 60's.

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