Cheers : Lilith's Hypocrisy

Lilith's Hypocrisy

Just a funny (and very human) little thing I noticed:

In the episode in which Frasier is led to believe Rebecca has a crush on him, despite him dating Lilith, Lilith has a little rant about adultery. When she finds out Frasier has been flirting with another woman, she demands to know the name of the woman, saying that when someone is unfaithful, the partner who was cheated on deserves to know who it was with, or else they'll wonder if every person they meet was the one who stole or tried to steal their lover.

Fast forward to when Lilith actually cheats on Frasier, and demands to know who with; Lilith says that the person's name is not important.

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Re: Lilith's Hypocrisy

Either way, good catch, Deen.

RIP Gene Wilder. One of the funniest people of all time. RIP Matt Roberts. You were great.

Re: Lilith's Hypocrisy

The timeframe is irrelevent. Of course it's hypocrisy.

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Re: Lilith's Hypocrisy

Certainly is.

RIP Gene Wilder. RIP Robert Vaughn. RIP Carrie Fisher. RIP William Christopher. 2016 is the worst!

Re: Lilith's Hypocrisy

And she added additional hypocrisy when she was furious when she came home after leaving him for another man, to find him in bed with Rebecca. (She humbled out after Sam pointed this out to her.)

Re: Lilith's Hypocrisy

Well, I may have to add that even though they didn't have sex, Frasier gave Nanny G a passionate kiss right in front of Lillith and their son, but Lillith pretty much just went downhill character wise after cheating on Frasier.

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Re: Lilith's Hypocrisy

Emma Thompson was excellent as Nanny G.

RIP Gene Wilder. RIP Barbara Hale. You were great in Perry Mason. RIP William Christopher.