Christine : Blood (or The Lack Thereof)

Blood (or The Lack Thereof)

I don't know if it makes me sick, sadistic, or whatever. But, I would have LOVED some real blood in this movie. I am guessing that Carpenter specifically wanted to avoid that for his own reasons.

But, I think, especially with the violence with which people are dispatched, a reasonable amount of blood is reasonable to ask for.

I. Drink. Your. Milkshake! [slurp!] I DRINK IT UP! - Daniel Plainview - There Will Be Blood

Re: Blood (or The Lack Thereof)

Yea, there was a shocking lack of gore in this film. I think the only bloody scene was Arnie's death. And not much of it at that.

I can only guess they wanted a PG rating. Carpenter certainly isn't shy using blood in his films.

Re: Blood (or The Lack Thereof)

When the garage owner went and sat inside Christine and the car killed him by smushing him against the steering wheel, there is a scene where a bunch of blood comes out of his mouth into the front window as he is being crushed.

Re: Blood (or The Lack Thereof)

It's never bothered me, the implication of what happened is more effective and creepy than explicit gore. For example, just the brief shot of Buddy's burning body fall to the ground is far more effective than some prolonged grisly demise. You also don't need to see Moochie cut in half, Arnie's lack of reaction when told about it is much better storytelling.